Levine & Associates

I am a text doctor, a sentence surgeon, a grammar diagnostician. I heal broken text, run a clinic for wounded words, mend fractured sentences, and reorient disorganized paragraphs. I smooth clumsy writing, vanquish business clichés, and condense run-on space filler.

Pass me your draft at any stage of development; I will upgrade it. I will imbue your text with rhythm, make it flow, make it communicate & zing.

I will help you distill your essential meaning and convey it to your reader directly and confidently. No hedging, no waffling.

As a team we will deliver smart and readable corporate comms to your target audience. One way to do that is the electronic newsletter.

Portable Alpha – Euromoney
First Quadrant 2006

Portable Alpha

  Extended Equity – Financial Times
First Quadrant 2007


Municipal bond newsletter
Payden & Rygel 2003


Press release
Insignia/ESG 2001





Strategy Spotlight
Oppenheimer Capital 2008

Oppenheimer Capital Strategy Spotlight

Oakwood Outlook
Oakwood Capital Mgt 2009

Oakwood Caopital Management Outlook

Article on deflation
P&R Quarterly Review 2003

White paper on Brazil
Payden & Rygel 2002